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Property and facility management, real state, property administrator in Madrid (Spain)

Property manager, property management, facility management, property administrator, realtor, real state in madrid SpainWe are Property managers registered at Madrid Property managers / administrators BAR association, number 8663 and we have the knowledge to help the customer optimize their investment.  We perfectly know state and local laws and Homeowner's Association guidelines. We have a lawyer on the roll to help you to evict a problem tenant.

Services we can offer you

  • Carry out the owner’s instructions, control costs and maximize revenue to maintain a stabilized cash flow as a return on capital invested (commonly referred to as the capitalization rate or the cap. rate)
  • Exercise control over the building to safeguard the capital invested, provide a duty of care through proper maintenance of the building
  • Be professional and well informed on Fair Housing laws and property management practices and procedures
  • Enhance the value of the property by making improvements that will increase its market value, retain and enhance pride of ownership.
  • Book keeping and asset management services.
  • Timely collection procedures.
  • Aggressive marketing and leasing strategies.
  • Economies of scale in vendor relations that produce tremendous cost savings.
  • In house, full service property maintenance
  • State and local taxes.
  • Eviction, litigation. Real State, condominiums, property expert lawyer.

Commercial Property Management Services

We handle the day-to-day needs of your property, minimizing vacancies and maximizing your bottom line. We will market your property, make your property accessible through websites, thorough screen potential tenants so owners gets a quality tenant to fill their vacancy.

Our management team acts on behalf of a property ownerMadrid realtor, property manager, property administrator to ensure the maximum return on investment by implementing strong programs of financial accounting and preventative maintenance. We have the capability and knowledge necessary to manage any type of property and are available 24 hours a day to service our clients needs. Property management agent, manage tenants, rents, lets, property taxesAs owners of real estate investments ourselves, we are experienced in producing consistent returns on investment, while implementing procedures to increase a properties value for the long term.

Broadly, the aims of the Property Managing Agent are to:

Control expenditure for the block ensuring efficiency and accountability
Maintain standards of repair, cleanliness and decoration in the common parts of the building such as lobbies, windows, doors, lifts, car parks and gardens
Procure building insurance
Place maintenance contracts for common plant and equipment such as lifts, boilers and access control systems
Provide staffing such as Concierge, housekeepers and security where appropriate
Manage any leisure suites, pools, gyms or spa facilities for residents
Give advice on long-term maintenance requirements and preventative measures